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Why Choose Prandex

Prandex Safe and Securiy

Safe and Secure

At Prandex we give utmost importance when comes to security. That’s why we use cold wallet for storing your cryptocurrency. We use 2FA for logging so your account is secured as well as your assets.

Prandex Mobile Application

Mobile APP

Are you vary about opening your laptop or you are in the move all the time , no worries our mobile App is all you need. You can download our App for android. The features are similar to the online site so there is no need to worry about using.

Prandex Flat Fee

Flat Fee

At Prandex we don’t collect exorbitant fees. Our fees are lowest in the market for buying compared to other cryptocurrency exchanges as low as 0.1 % and for selling it is almost free for most of the cryptocurrency listed.

Prandex Open Order Book

Open Order Book

It’s all in your hand you fix the price, Post the trade, if you are not interested you can cancel the trade, if not executed. We are transparent and no meddling with your assets growth.

Prandex Support


We at prandex want to support you at all steps, we are there for you through Email support or through Telegram We are there to help you at all times.

Prandex Transparency


We at Prandex are so transparent in all your trades, deposits and withdrawal. We show you the confirmation cycle as it is for all your withdrawals, So your assets status aren't misinformed.