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Privacy Policy

Last Modified Date: 1st May 2018

The Privacy Policy mentions regarding the manner in which the information collected, obtained, extracted from You (Account Holder with Prandex Technologies Private Limited (“Prandex / We / Us")) would be used by Prandex.

Modifications and Implied Consent:

    The contents of this Privacy Policy are subject to modifications from time to time by us due to changes in law or our internal practices. Every time we change this Privacy Policy, we shall intimate you by email or by putting up banners in our website. We will ask your consent before we use your data for purposes that is not mentioned in this Privacy Policy. You shall never claim that you are not versed with the modifications in the Privacy Policy.

    It is further expressly stated by us that each and every access made by you to our website implies that you have agreed to the terms and conditions laid down by Prandex including Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

What information does Prandex collects from you:

The Privacy Policy is in relation to the following:-

  • Information / documents provided by you such as your, mobile number, full name, email id, date of birth, country of origin, description and amount of Virtual Currency held by you in our account, etc at the time of creation of your account with Prandex, at the time of participating in surveys etc conducted by Prandex, at the time of you having telephonic conversations with the employees of Prandex when you raise a ticket;
  • The information that is automatically, intentionally collected by us while you use our website, products, services etc through various sources that are known/unknown to you. Including but not limited to information provided by just your access to your account maintained by us which includes the browser used by you, pages viewed by you, your IP address, the pages accessed by you previous to accessing our account etc. Also information provided to us just by your access to our website such as the hardware, mobile used by you, your location, operating system, mobile network; and
  • Information that is collected by various cookies and technological support that is available with us to collect data from your computer, mobile etc.

Why Prandex collects your personal information:

The information collected from you by us will inter alia be used for the following:-

  • To comply with legal and regulatory requirements;
  • To measure and Improve the services rendered by us to you;
  • To protect you from spam, phishing and DDOS attacks;
  • To send the information sought by you from time to time such as invoices, account usage history etc;
  • To communicate with you and to solve the tickets raised by you from time to time;
  • To be updated with the current industry trend and provide updates based on the same;
  • For all other purpose that Prandex desires it to be acceptable as per the internal decisions of Prandex;
  • Sending you offers and promos based on your usage and interests.

Disclosure of Information:

Prandex has all the rights to disclose / share the information provided by you / obtained from you from the sources / manner mentioned above without your prior consent to the following persons / and in the following circumstances:-

  • With Prandex’s subsidiaries, consultants, customers, associates, other persons / organizations with whom Prandex is associated for improving the services rendered by Prandex;
  • To other agencies if Prandex is of the view that certain illegal acts are carried out by you;
  • To various governmental agencies such as Income Tax Department, Police Department etc on receiving instructions from those departments or voluntarily by Prandex on suspecting dubious transactions being carried out by you;
  • If required as per the policies and decisions taken internally by the core employees / directors of the Prandex;
  • On yourself breaching the terms of service and other rules laid down by Prandex from time to time.

How to Prandex protects your data:

    We have implemented several security measures to protect your personal data. Our methods include but not limited to: Secured Socket Layer Encryption, Internal data encryption, Data anonymization, Access restriction to entire data network. Please understand that we cannot guarantee 100% data protection due to unintentional human error and other unforeseen circumstances. If you have any suspicion that your data or account is compromised, please disable your account and contact Prandex support immediately.

Retaining the Information:

    Prandex has the right to retain the information provided by you for 3 years from the time of you deleting your account / deactivating your account with Prandex and during this 3 period Prandex has all the rights to carry out all the rightful acts that Prandex is entitled to as mentioned above. You shall never question or compel Prandex from not to retain the information provided by you without an order from the courts of law.

In conjunction with Terms of Service:

    This Privacy Policy has to be read in conjunction with our Terms of Service and any disputes / issues arising out of the Privacy Policy shall be dealt with in the same manner as provided in Terms of Service.