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Prandex is a new generation Cryptocurrency Exchange. Where you can buy or sell Crypto coins or tokens

PRAB is token released by Prandex. Where you can use this token initially for paying the services offered by Prandex, Later this will be listed in Prandex where you can trade.

Currently we don't have any cap, we might introduce a cap in coming time.

You cannot withdraw PRAB currently, you need to wait till ICO but you can use PRAB for paying for the services rendered by Prandex.

Due to large influx in registration,we are facing difficulties in processing the data. We will do the verification as soon as possible.

The reason might be the data entered during the KYC might not have matched with the proof you submitted or the Proof might not be visible clearly or the Photo with your ID might not be as specified.


The image you have loaded be of unsavory nature, you need to hold your ID/near your face and the image should be clicked.The image should be clearly visible with ID data.

Unfortunately you cannot change the name or country code. Your KYC will be denied, you need to mail us at [email protected] with your correct name and ID proof showing valid name and country.

  • Step 1 :Go to Play store and Install the Google Authenticator
  • Step 2 : Then Login to Prandex Account
  • Step 3 : Go to Settings----> Profile---->Security
  • Step 4 : Generate your Google authenticator key
  • Step 5 : Open google authenticator app
  • Step 6 : Scan the QR Code Through the app
  • Step 7 : 6- Digit Numeric code will be generate in your Google Authenticator app
  • Step 8 : Enter the 6- Digit Number in your Prandex Account
  • Step 9 : Now Your Account has been linked with Google 2FA Authenticator
  • Step 10 : For Logging in use google authenticator for generating verification code

If you have lost your phone or your phone being damaged and you're not able to get your Google 2FA due to this. Then kindly send a mail to [email protected], with subject " RESET 2FA" and in the body enter your registered email ID and mail.

After resetting your 2FA , our team will mail you a confirmation mail to your registered mail ID.Check your mail and you can log in normally.