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Airdrop and Bounty

Coin Name: Prandex Bounty Token

Symbol : PRAB

Contract address: 0x767d4dae2c06dd73a803445b28a3f7313e64a36a

Total supply : 200 Million

Coin price : 1 PRAB = 0.01 USD ( 1 cent)

Airdrop start date: 12 June 2018

Airdrop end date: 31 Aug 2018

The following bounty tasks will be rewarded with respective PRAB tokens. On completion of each task, the tokens will be immediately deposited to the users respective Prandex wallet.

  • For every 1 USD worth of crypto deposit - 1 PRAB token
    For Ex:

    If you deposit 1 dollar worth of any cryptocurrency you will be given 1 PRAB

    If 1 QTM is deposited ,

    1 QTM = 13.33 USD *

    You get 13 PRAB token for the deposit

    * Depending on current market value

  • When you trade( Buy or Sell) any amount of cryptocurrency listed in our Exchange we give you 0.2 % of trade value in PRAB tokens
    For Ex:

    When you trade 1 QTM to BTCthen as a buyer

    you will get

    • 0.2 %of 1 QTM in PRAB which is =2 PRAB

    We charge you 0% in transaction Fee (No Fees ) + We give you 0.2 % in PRAB for every trade you do

Frequently Asked Question

  • When can i withdraw PRAB my tokens?

    • You cannot withdraw the PRAB tokens now. You have to wait until the ICO ends.
    • ICO date is not yet finalized.
    • Until then, you can spend the tokens in our exchange for our Transaction Fee.
  • Is there any cap for referral?

    • As of now there is no cap. We might introduce one soon.